Vibrant Gene Library Contents

  1. Human Genetics 101: Learn the basics
  2. Genetics and Your Health: Keep up to date with the hottest genetic health breakthroughs
  3. Genetics and Pregnancy: Find key information to have a healthy pregnancy
  4. Chimerism (Chimera) Resources

Human Genetics 101

Genetics and Your Health

  • Check out our bi-monthly genetic health TV talk show!  THE VIBRANT GENE will keep you and your family informed of the latest breakthroughs, and tips to keep healthy!
  • We love this new genetic health blog, and know you will too!  GenAware features topics of health and genetic wellness
  • The latest, hottest topics in genetics and genomics health news can be found in Genome Magazine
  • Ever wondered how to efficiently and effectively collect your family history? The Cleveland Clinic has great resources to meet your need.
  • Have you recently been diagnosed with a genetic or heritable condition?  There is so much misinformation on the web concerning genetics and health.  We recommend the following two sites for their accuracy and patient-friendly (low medical jargon) language:

Genetics and Healthy Pregnancies

  • Are you currently pregnant, and worried about dying your hair, taking a medication, or getting that flu vaccine? The March of Dimes provides high quality, reliable information about teratogen (chemical) exposures during pregnancy in a non-alarmist way.
  • What is Newborn Screening?  How does it work?  Do you have a choice whether or not to have your newborn tested for genetic conditions? Find out answers to these questions and more.

Chimerism (Chimera) Resources

  • Our TED-Ed video, You Could Have a Secret Twin (but not the way you think) has been viewed over 2 million times!  It summarizes key features of the condition in just 4 minutes.
  • An overview of the condition, written by our founder, can be found here and here
  •  DNA testing such as paternity testing can be impacted by undiagnosed chimerism.  Read about our client who was able to diagnose his condition, and maintain his parental rights.  The story was published in the peer-reviewed, scientific journal JARG  but it was also featured in BuzzFeed, the AABB Newsletter and elsewhere after it went viral!
  • Could dual chimerism be a cause of trans-gender and LGBTQ identities?  Brian Hanley and other scientists theorize it is possible.
  • Microchimerism is much more common than you may think, according to our founder, Kayla Sheets.
  • Taylor Muhl, 33-year-old model and singer, was recently diagnosed with chimerism.