Vibrant Gene Library Contents

  1. Human Genetics 101: Learn the basics
  2. Genetics and Your Health: Keep up to date with the hottest genetic health breakthroughs
  3. Genetics and Pregnancy: Find key information to have a healthy pregnancy
  4. Other Important Services: Patient advocacy, bereavement support services in Boston

Human Genetics 101

Genetics and Your Health

  • Check out our bi-monthly genetic health TV talk show!  THE VIBRANT GENE will keep you and your family informed of the latest breakthroughs, and tips to keep healthy!
  • We love this new genetic health blog, and know you will too!  GenAware features topics of health and genetic wellness
  • The latest, hottest topics in genetics and genomics health news can be found in Genome Magazine
  • Ever wondered how to efficiently and effectively collect your family history? The Cleveland Clinic has great resources to meet your need.
  • Have you recently been diagnosed with a genetic or heritable condition?  There is so much misinformation on the web concerning genetics and health.  We recommend the following two sites for their accuracy and patient-friendly (low medical jargon) language:

Genetics and Healthy Pregnancies

  • Are you currently pregnant, and worried about dying your hair, taking a medication, or getting that flu vaccine? The March of Dimes provides high quality, reliable information about teratogen (chemical) exposures during pregnancy in a non-alarmist way.
  • What is Newborn Screening?  How does it work?  Do you have a choice whether or not to have your newborn tested for genetic conditions? Find out answers to these questions and more.

Other Important Services

  • Since its founding, The Genetic Alliance has been the voice of advocacy for individuals and families in genetic research and care.
  • Grieving the loss of a pregnancy?  Were you (or a family member) recently diagnosed with a genetic condition, and feel overwhelmed?  “Listening, Reflecting, Healing” is a wonderful service for Boston-Area individuals and families who are seeking supportive care.  If you are interested in care for pregnancy loss, stillbirth, or if you have recently received the diagnosis of a genetic condition, we recommend you contact Mary France Garber.