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Thinking about growing your family?  A powerful DNA test can help you prepare for a healthy pregnancy.  Find out how!


Expanded Carrier Screening: Why is this DNA test considered one of the most important, valuable tests to do pre-pregnancy?  How can we avoid passing on severe conditions to the next generation?  Tune in to find out!



Want to explore how to prepare for a healthy pregnancy?  Enter our drawing for a one-hour preconception genetic counseling session with a Vibrant Gene genetic counselor.  To participate, drop a line to (include in the subject line, “ECS Drawing.”  We will email the lucky winner on February 14, 2018.


Please note that Vibrant Gene Consulting is a private genetic counseling practice, and does not have financial partnerships with Counsyl or other DNA testing laboratories. 

About Our Guest

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Gabriel Lazarin is a board-certified genetic counselor at Counsyl, a genetics laboratory headquartered in San Francisco. He has spoken about carrier screening at national and international conferences and has been published in multiple genetics and online medical journals. He received his Master of Science in Genetic Counseling from the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in Houston, and his Bachelor degree in Human Biology from Stanford University. Gabriel lives in N.Cali with his wife and two adorable children.


About Our Producer/Host



Kayla M. Sheets is a board-certified, licensed genetic counselor and founder of Vibrant Gene Consulting, a concierge practice located in Cambridge Massachusetts.  Kayla is dedicated to taking genetic insights and translating them into greater health and wellbeing for her clients. She also provides expert advice about parental DNA testing to confirm relationships.

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