FRAXA: searching for answers to the leading cause of inherited autism

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As a genetic counselor who focuses on preventative care, I am asked regularly about autism.  What causes autism?  How can I get screened for autism?  Am I at risk of having a baby with autism?  Autism is considered a complex condition, with a myriad of possible risk factors.  However, there is one exception; the most… Read more »

Next on CCTV – The Zika Virus

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The Zika virus has been declared an international public health emergency, with outbreaks across Latin America and the Caribbean. Now the virus is in our own backyard.   Did you miss it live?  Here’s the recording on our YouTube station:  (Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel!)   How can you protect yourself from infection?  Planning… Read more »

Thanks Folks! Vibrant Gene’s Year in Review (2015)

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Vibrant Gene Consulting is one year old!  It has been a wonderful year, and we have many of you to thank for our success.  Here are the highlights of our year in review.   RESEARCH BREAKTHROUGHS We were honored that our research involving a father with human chimerism was accepted to be presented at two… Read more »

Pathway Genomics’ Fit Test: Could It Be Your Path To A Healthy Lifestyle?

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More and more genetic tests are available that claim to educate you about important lifestyle choices. But can a genetic test really tell you how to exercise? Optimize your diet? Uncover vitamin deficiencies? We put the Pathway Genomics Fit Test under the microscope by trying it out ourselves.   September 15, 2015   Pathway Genomics… Read more »

Color Genomics Offers Genetic Screening for Cancer for $249. This is a Game Changer, But Should Everyone Get Tested? Four Questions to Consider

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April 21, 2015 Thanks to new technology, access to genetic testing for heritable cancers is no longer elusive.   Until recently, hereditary cancer genetic testing was limited to patients who sought care in high risk cancer clinics.  Testing was expensive and reserved for people already diagnosed with cancer or folks who had an extensive family… Read more »

When Should You Call a Genetic Counselor? Take This 1-Minute Quiz.

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March 26, 2015 How did Angelina Jolie Make Her Recent Health Decisions?   This week Angelina Jolie bravely discussed the elective surgeries she pursued to ensure she will not get ovarian cancer.  By her taking proactive measures, she can now reassure her children that she can be present for their weddings.  But she did not make theses life-changing decisions… Read more »

Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing Pros and Cons

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Part 1: What is DTC Genetic Testing? February 26, 2015   Last week a company called 23andMe was awarded approval by the Food and Drug Administration to offer genetic testing to you at home.  This is the first time the FDA permits a rare disease gene to be screened without a healthcare professional’s involvement.  After reading… Read more »

Vibrant Gene Founder Featured in Perspectives Magazine

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February 17, 2015 Perspectives Magazine, Q1 2015 The founder of Vibrant Gene helped create the first non-English speaking clinical rotation training site for American genetic counselors.  Read about challenges that pioneers in genetic counseling face in Chile.   Pictured (left to right): Sonia Margarit, CGC; Maria Luisa Guzman, RN; Kayla Sheets, LCGC; in Santiago, Chile…. Read more »