Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing Pros and Cons

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Part 1: What is DTC Genetic Testing? February 26, 2015   Last week a company called 23andMe was awarded approval by the Food and Drug Administration to offer genetic testing to you at home.  This is the first time the FDA permits a rare disease gene to be screened without a healthcare professional’s involvement.  After reading… Read more »

Vibrant Gene Founder Featured in Perspectives Magazine

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February 17, 2015 Perspectives Magazine, Q1 2015 The founder of Vibrant Gene helped create the first non-English speaking clinical rotation training site for American genetic counselors.  Read about challenges that pioneers in genetic counseling face in Chile.   Pictured (left to right): Sonia Margarit, CGC; Maria Luisa Guzman, RN; Kayla Sheets, LCGC; in Santiago, Chile…. Read more »