Is Parenthood is Right For You (part 1)? We asked one of the nation’s experts for advice.

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How does a person or couple decide to have a baby?  If you’re like most people, you might feel a little overwhelmed by the topic and think it is easier to, “Just let nature take its course.”  But we interviewed one of the Nation’s leading experts on making this important decision…and that’s NOT what she… Read more »

What is the latest research and care for Huntington disease? Find out on the Vibrant Gene!

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Huntington Disease (HD) is a genetic disorder that affects over 30,000 people in the United States. It is a progressive neurological condition that typically strikes people in the prime of their lives. Huntington disease has been equated to having Lou Gherig, Parkinson and Alzheimer diseases— all simultaneously.   But hope is rising.  Families can get genetic… Read more »

FRAXA: searching for answers to the leading cause of inherited autism

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As a genetic counselor who focuses on preventative care, I am asked regularly about autism.  What causes autism?  How can I get screened for autism?  Am I at risk of having a baby with autism?  Autism is considered a complex condition, with a myriad of possible risk factors.  However, there is one exception; the most… Read more »

New on CCTV: Can Molecular Genetic Technologies Eradicate Tropical Disease?

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Can new developments in molecular genetics help eradicate neglected tropical diseases?  What are neglected tropical diseases?  What countries are most affected?  What can be done?   One of the most exciting developments in the history of humankind is taking place now in the area of neglected tropical disease. Yet, practically nobody knows about this inspiring… Read more »

The Vibrant Gene Talk Show: What is Mindfulness?

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Can meditation really change your life?  What is mindfulness? What is MBSR? Find out answers to these questions and more when you tune in to our program.  In the last episode, we explored the science behind mindfulness and learned about the extraordinary health benefits associated with meditation.  Today, we will visit with a meditation instructor… Read more »