Color Genomics Offers Genetic Screening for Cancer for $249. This is a Game Changer, But Should Everyone Get Tested? Four Questions to Consider

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April 21, 2015 Thanks to new technology, access to genetic testing for heritable cancers is no longer elusive.   Until recently, hereditary cancer genetic testing was limited to patients who sought care in high risk cancer clinics.  Testing was expensive and reserved for people already diagnosed with cancer or folks who had an extensive family… Read more »

Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing Pros and Cons

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Part 1: What is DTC Genetic Testing? February 26, 2015   Last week a company called 23andMe was awarded approval by the Food and Drug Administration to offer genetic testing to you at home.  This is the first time the FDA permits a rare disease gene to be screened without a healthcare professional’s involvement.  After reading… Read more »