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Huntington Disease (HD) is a genetic disorder that affects over 30,000 people in the United States. It is a progressive neurological condition that typically strikes people in the prime of their lives. Huntington disease has been equated to having Lou Gherig, Parkinson and Alzheimer diseases— all simultaneously.


But hope is rising.  Families can get genetic counseling and genetic testing.  Advocacy groups are making good strides getting resources.  And an innovative drug trial is currently underway.



In this epsiode of the VIBRANT GENE, we will ask pertinent questions of our esteemed guest, Lauren Lichten, a genetic counselor specialized in Huntington disease care. Tune in to find out:

What is Huntington disease?  How can genetic counseling benefit individuals who may have the disease and their family members? What genetic tests are available?  To date, which clinical trial shows the most promise of a cure?  How are advocacy groups helping?


Join Lauren and other stakeholders at Golf for a Cure, on 9/13/16 at Blackstone National Golf Course in Sutton, MA!  This golf tournament will benefit the Huntington’s Disease Society of America (HDSA), and help find treatments and a cure.  Get a hole-in-one, win a brand new Mercedes Benz!


About Our Guest:

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Lauren Lichten, M.S., LCGC, is a faculty member at the Master of Science in Genetic Counseling Program at Boston University School of Medicine.  She has experience providing genetic counseling in Pediatrics, Maternal Fetal Medicine, and Neurology. Lauren is involved with the Huntington’s Disease Society of America (HDSA) and gives talks to families about genetic testing for Huntington disease. She is part of the planning committee for Golf for a Cure, which is a golf tournament on 9/13/16 at Blackstone National Golf Course in Sutton, MA to benefit the HDSA.


About Our Show’s Producer and Host:

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Kayla M. Sheets is a board-certified, licensed genetic counselor and founder of Vibrant Gene Consulting, a concierge practice located in Cambridge Massachusetts.  Kayla is specialized in taking genetic insights and translating them into greater health and wellbeing for her clients.  She also provides expert advice about parental DNA testing to confirm relationships when traditional tests fail.


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Hayley Green (assistant producer), Ya Gao (editor) and Sherry Wang (CCTV technical production).

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