What is the latest research and care for Huntington disease? Find out on the Vibrant Gene!

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Huntington Disease (HD) is a genetic disorder that affects over 30,000 people in the United States. It is a progressive neurological condition that typically strikes people in the prime of their lives. Huntington disease has been equated to having Lou Gherig, Parkinson and Alzheimer diseases— all simultaneously.   But hope is rising.  Families can get genetic… Read more »

The Vibrant Gene Talk Show: What is Mindfulness?

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Can meditation really change your life?  What is mindfulness? What is MBSR? Find out answers to these questions and more when you tune in to our program.  In the last episode, we explored the science behind mindfulness and learned about the extraordinary health benefits associated with meditation.  Today, we will visit with a meditation instructor… Read more »

Vibrant Gene’s 5 Minutes of Zen – With Dan Boyne

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Need a moment to catch your breath? Allow Dan to walk you through a 5 minute guided relaxing meditation. This meditation is especially great if you have tired feet or have overly exerted yourself.   Why are we promoting meditation? Stress impacts your genes and how they function, a process also known as epigenetics. Taking… Read more »

Gene Editing: A Cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy?

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Gene Editing was one of the hottest genetic news topics in 2015.  A simple, powerful emergent technology (called CRISPR-Cas9) made this once elusive goal suddenly a reality for nearly any laboratory.   Find out how a laboratory at Harvard University is using gene editing to treat mice with a genetic muscle disease (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy). Join… Read more »

Thanks Folks! Vibrant Gene’s Year in Review (2015)

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Vibrant Gene Consulting is one year old!  It has been a wonderful year, and we have many of you to thank for our success.  Here are the highlights of our year in review.   RESEARCH BREAKTHROUGHS We were honored that our research involving a father with human chimerism was accepted to be presented at two… Read more »

CCTV Premiere of THE VIBRANT GENE (Edited)

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Medicine’s best kept secret: Genetic Counseling   How could this essential service help you and your family?  Why is this field not better well known?  When should you seek genetic counseling for mental health conditions?  Tune in to find out more…       Host: Kayla Sheets                … Read more »

Tune in to THE VIBRANT GENE, Our Genetics Talk Show!

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    Want the latest news in genetic wellness? Gain valuable insights for exceptional health. Stay on the cutting-edge with THE VIBRANT GENE. Our bi-monthly talk show features local experts in the fields of genetics, mindfulness and preventative medicine. We aim to provide you with simple answers from reputable sources. All shows are recorded live… Read more »

Vibrant Gene Featured in BuzzFeed

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November 6, 2015   Man Failed His Paternity Test Due To His Vanished Twin’s DNA   DNA researchers report a father failed a paternity test because the genes in his saliva differ from his sperm’s. One in eight people might possess such “chimeric” genes caused by a twin lost in the womb. To read more about… Read more »